Monday, September 29, 2008

Endodontic Experience volume 3

Pregnancy beats up my teeth bad.

I went this morning for a root canal. The tooth looked pretty damaged on the x-ray, and the endodontist found a lot of decay in the tooth. He had a great manner--friendly, happy to explain what he was doing and why and to the point. He told me that he wanted to make sure the decay and any lingering infection was gone, and he wanted to make sure that the tooth would no longer cause pain, but he wasn't sure he could finish the root canal as he wasn't sure if there was enough tooth left to adhere to a crown. I need to consult with my dentist and possibly yank the tooth. Am I going to have a denture at the ripe old age of 27?


Speaking of dentures, growing up, I remember my dad wearing dentures. I remember watching him get ready in the morning, and part of the routine was him brushing his teeth, then brushing the dentures and putting them in. My dad was missing his two front teeth (among others). Watching him care for his teeth I remember thinking, "I lost my two front teeth, will they ever come back?"

Compliment for Mommy

Tim's just headed out of town on a business trip. I was getting the girls ready for bed. Annie was putting on her night gown, but had it twisted and was struggling to put it on.

I asked, "Annie, can I help you with that?"

"Oh yes, Mommy! You know how to help. You always help the best. You take care of me."

Adding Labels to Posts

I've started adding labels to the posts. If I find time (um, yeah, I'll get right on that) I may go back and add labels to older posts. Will this make my blog more readable? Will I get more comments?

Shouts & Murmurs

Ah, the New Yorker cracks me up. So what if I haven't had time to actually read it since college?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Have a little think

Courtesy of Tim:

situation is our insisting on Annie going to bed in her own bed -- full scale temper tantrum. Then, abruptly:
Annie: Dad, I have a little idea
Me: oh yeah?
Annie: Maybe I should stop yelling
[puts her pointer finger in the air, up near her face]
and have a little think.
Think, think, think.
Like Pooh.
He's a little bear.
Maybe I should build my bed a little bigger, and then it won't be so small!
And I should stop yelling.
Dad, I stopped yelling.
Will you read me a story?
Me: Ok.

And I thought, I must be the best dad ever.

Annie's Birthday

In an effort to include more pictures, here are a few from Annie's birthday party. These are actually taken by Pat, since Tim and I are slow to download our pictures and even slower to edit them. Enjoy!