Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who bit you?

Tim was sitting at the breakfast table and was peering thoughtfully at his arm. He then rubbed it vigorously and said, "That was some bite I got last night."

With a two year old who is known to bite her little sister and a 10 month old who just cut a new tooth, biting is not uncommon, but I was surprised to learn that Daddy had been bitten after a pretty calm night.

I was incredulous, "Who bit you?"

"A bug."

It never occurred to me that he could possibly be talking about a mosquito bite. I was looking for a culpable party in the 2 and under set.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Got your horrible coffee, right here

Tim brewed a pot of coffee for us Sunday morning. He poured the coffee, added the cream, and was interrupted by a crying baby, demanding his attention.

"The coffee needs sugar." he told me as I cruised through the kitchen.

I fetched the sugar from the dining room table (it had been left there by the company we had the previous night) and added it to the coffee. I emptied the sugar bowl. I was then interrupted by a crying baby, demanding my attention.

Tim went to refill the sugar bowl. I thought it was a terrific kindness after I emptied it. I busied myself with calming a crying baby and returned to my cup of coffee once the baby was calmed. I returned to Tim tipping in another spoonful of sugar.

"I already put in sugar!" I cried, much too late to save the coffee from sweetness overload.

Tim groaned. "Well, your coffee will be very sweet and mine will be horribly sweet. I added another spoonful to your coffee and two spoonfuls to mine." He chivalrously offered me the remaining coffee in the pot to cut the sweetness in the coffee and try to salvage the cup.

"I'll just add more cream to mine."

Tim pulled out, not creamer, but soy-milk. We have soy-milk because Annie is allergic to cow's milk. The carton of soy-milk and the carton of creamer are roughly the same size. While some people out there claim to love soy-milk lattes and the like, soy in coffee is not a taste Tim nor I prefer. Tim moves so quickly sometimes. I couldn't act or speak quickly enough to keep him from dumping in additional sugar and I couldn't keep him from dumping in a liberal dollop of soymilk to his coffee.

It was a horrible cup of coffee.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"That's A Funny Way to Feed a Baby"

A Sesame Street clip from 1977. I love Big Bird.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quotable Quotes

Daddy gives Annie a kiss while she's sitting in her high chair. Daddy walks into the kitchen where Mommy is making breakfast.

Annie: Ew, Daddy.
Ew, Daddy.

Daddy: What 'ew, Daddy'? Did you not like being kissed by Daddy?

Annie: Ew, Daddy.

Daddy reaches for Mommy and gives her a kiss.

Daddy: It's ok. Mommy likes being kissed by Daddy.

Annie: Ew, Mommy!
Ew, Daddy!
It's very yucky.
Kissing is yucky.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Walmart acted like I was lying about my mom DYING

I went to Walmart today. I went to try to return some items of clothing my mom had puchased before she was hospitalized and her health deteriorated. They still had tags and I had the receipt. It was the only reason I was there.

The clerk said it was past 90 days and she couldn't process it. Essentially the manager said the same thing, and so did the supervisor. The supervisor was the worst though. What a rude, unkind, uncivil woman. Event hough they still sale the exact same items (color and everything) she refused to do anything to issue a refund or store credit. She talked down to me, to the point I actually told her, "please don't talk to me as though I were stupid." She refused to help, treated me like I was lying about why I was there with the return, was R-U-D-E the entire time she spoke to me, but then said, "we like to try to help people" after she absolutely refused to hear me.

I walked back out to the car with my girls, put my head down on the steering wheel, and just cried. Why would I lie about my mom dying just to get some help from Walmart's indifferent CS?

More Potty Training Success

Annie pooped on the potty again today!

She wore padded 'panties' this morning until bathtime.
We finally found the Strawberry Shortcake underwear on Ebay. Advertised as unopened. I bid and we're waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

Is this what ordering from the Sears and Roebuck catalog was like back at the turn of the century?

Remind me to post pictures later. Not creepy potty pics, but cute ones.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Potty Training

Is begun.

It's started with Annie finding peeing on the potty a great novelty.
We've had her pee when she's asked or when I remember to get her to the potty.

This weekend, she saw her cousin's underwear and stated that SHE wanted to "wear Strawberry Shortcake on my bottom."

Tim told her she needed to poop on the potty, then she could have the underwear. Sunday she talked about it, Monday she talked about it (but pooped in her diaper), Tuesday, I wanted her to be able to have the pants because she was so serious about it.

We spent five hours in the bathroom before she finally pooped on the potty. I was thinking it would be more like 40 minutes. I wasn't really prepared to go the long haul like that...be forewarned, you will need to live in your bathroom when you start potty training! Annie ate mac-n-cheese for lunch on her little potty.

She finally pooped and we went to Target to find the underwear. All of us were excited.

They didn't have Strawberry Shortcake in her size.

We are going to go check out other places for the underwear, but she hit her diaper again today. Tomorrow we'll try to hold out for another win on the potty.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Annie

Annie turned two back at the end of August. Here are a couple of pictures.

We had a lot of great pictures that I didn't post because the kids in them aren't my kids. If you were there and would like to see the pictures of your children, let me know.