Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

If we send out Christmas cards this year, they won't arrive before Christmas, as we will only be taking a suitable picture for a holiday card on Christmas day. If the cards don't make it out, please know that we still wish you a very merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Girls' Night Out

Happy Birthday Kate!

To celebrate her birthday, Kate, Nicole, and I went out to dinner. Just us. No husbands and no kids.
Guess where we went to dinner?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tempus Fugit

Happy Birthday, my little koala bear! It has been a year already? The time has flown by. We brought you home from the hospital and you were such an alert, awake baby. You would nap during the day, and had to suffer through sleeping through the noises of a rambunctious toddler. I don't know how your nervous system was able to deal with it. You took a shine to your older sister right away.

In an effort to keep up with the pace and action, you were rolling over by 3 months of age and army crawling by 5 months. Mommy prompted your first baby grins, but your first genuine laugh was in response to your sister. We sat on the sunny deck one spring afternoon. Your sister was playing peek-a-boo with you from the top of the Little Tykes slide. You sat on my lap wriggling your arms and legs as you giggled with glee as she appeared and disappeared from view.

As you continued to grow and develop, you sat up unassisted the next month at 6 months but showed little interest in being fed any pureed or jarred baby food. We waited a little while to introduce any solids, and once we did, you were determined to do it yourself. Cheerios and bananas have been a staple in the house during the last year. You also love to dip your fingers into yogurt, guacamole, white rice, and noodles, be it spaghetti or lo mien.

You walked by 8 months of age and quickly mastered your skill. You enjoy getting in on the action and excitement around the house by playing chase. You also love to climb. Now that you are a year old, most days you manage to scale either the chair to the top of the dining room kitchen, or the toilet to the vanity to sit in the sink for awhile. Some days you achieve both together. You protest vehemently when I pick you up to safely deposit you on firm ground. You have amazing balance and uncanny climbing skills.

You began speaking around the same time you started walking. Your first word was "mama." You call me when you wake up from naps, and when you need help with your sister. You will also sigh contentedly and say 'mama, mama' when I pick you up, snuggle you, and carry you around the house with me. You also like to say Annie's name too. You tend to clap and laugh or cry and struggle when you say her name. You say "Daddy." You know all your family. You sign for 'more,' 'eat,' and 'bye.' And there are other words you sometimes use, like 'hi,' and 'this'. You are certainly able to make your wishes and needs known.

You continue to laugh and smile. You wake in the morning with a delightful smile on your face. Mama and you spend a few quiet minutes together, changing diapers, playing pat-a-cake or having a nurse, and getting ready to start the day. You continue to smile most of the day as you made various discoveries as you motored about the house. Dad loves to tickle you. You love to play pat-a-cake and have 'Frappe, Frappe' sung to you.

There are many people who love you.