Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Follower" question

For blogs! Does Google have a widget to show on my blog the blogs I follow? Or do I just need to manually enter them into my blogroll on the side? I update infrequently enough as it is, I just thought a little code,script,cool google dohicky could do that for me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


So back in February, the final season of Lost premiered. Are you watching? Here's my question, who was the one that convinced Ben that he needed to kill all the members of the Dharma initiative?


The past few years I've been pregnant and/or nursing a small babe. This year Tub of Love is a little older, so I'm making a greater effort to fast and abstain. I'm definitely out of practice. Ash Wednesday was hard! Thursday saw a hearty, healthy breakfast to make up for the lack of calories the day before.

The fast was to good effect though, showing me how attached I am to my creature comforts. There is definitely room to become less attached to worldly things so that I may seek to follow the ways of the Lord. I'm sure to succeed at times and falter at others, but overall it will be a good spiritual workout.

So I say, Bring it Lent. Let's see what you got.

Friday, February 19, 2010

How exactly should we fast?

The Lord doesn't leave us hanging and answers the question for us quite succinctly.
Today's first reading:

Is 58:1-9a
Thus says the Lord GOD:
Cry out full-throated and unsparingly,
lift up your voice like a trumpet blast;
Tell my people their wickedness,
and the house of Jacob their sins.
They seek me day after day,
and desire to know my ways,
Like a nation that has done what is just
and not abandoned the law of their God;
They ask me to declare what is due them,
pleased to gain access to God.
“Why do we fast, and you do not see it?
afflict ourselves, and you take no note of it?”
Lo, on your fast day you carry out your own pursuits,
and drive all your laborers.
Yes, your fast ends in quarreling and fighting,
striking with wicked claw.
Would that today you might fast
so as to make your voice heard on high!
Is this the manner of fasting I wish,
of keeping a day of penance:
That a man bow his head like a reed
and lie in sackcloth and ashes?
Do you call this a fast,
a day acceptable to the LORD?
This, rather, is the fasting that I wish:
releasing those bound unjustly,
untying the thongs of the yoke;
Setting free the oppressed,
breaking every yoke;
Sharing your bread with the hungry,
sheltering the oppressed and the homeless;
Clothing the naked when you see them,
and not turning your back on your own.

Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,
and your wound shall quickly be healed;
Your vindication shall go before you,
and the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.
Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer,
you shall cry for help, and he will say: Here I am!