Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Logic Proof

Doing Laundry=Being able to pack for our Thanksgiving trip=Being able to leave for our Thanksgiving trip=Being at Thanksgiving. Laundry=Thanksgiving

Monday, November 23, 2009

Broke a Blogging Drought

Ok, after spending my computer time doing some other things, I've finally found (or made) time to get back to my blog. Now to update you with some going-ons of the past few months.

Big kids have started gong to preschool a few mornings each week. They come home with all sorts of crafts and I send in all sorts of checks for fundraising efforts. Annie is learning about Native Americans, corn, a variety of animals, and crafting techniques. I'm sure Elizabeth is also learning things, but she usually only reports that she played with her teachers.

Baby is nearly 8 months old. To date she sits, crawls, pulls up, attempts to balance--which she does best when reaching for the phone or remote control--, has taken steps when holding on to something, signs "hello" and "so big", prefers to feed herself, yet gets most of her nourishment from nursing. She still cosleeps, at times likes or endures being worn, and enjoys getting to be around her sisters and daddy. She is a social baby, but is starting to get a good dose of separation anxiety. Might be an interesting challenge as the holidays and lots of family time approaches. She is a hefty 20lb +. Her first year is passing so, so quickly.

As for me, I parent, houseclean, avoid housecleaning, and am now trying to get tasks done in preparation for the holiday season.

Coming up--Elizabeth turns three.