Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Mom's Health II

Mom has weathered the amputation and hospital stay. She's now in an assisted living facility, getting ready to start her rehab. Her recovery is not without its bumps in the road, yet she is making progress.

Since she will be spending quite some time in a wheelchair, I had my good friend make her this lap quilt. I hope it will lift her spirits during her rehab.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Mom's Health

My mom has struggled with cardiovascular disease for many years now. I don't feel that it's appropriate to go into too much detail here, as this is her story to share and not mine. I will say that as a result of the disease, her lower leg was amputated yesterday. The procedure was necessary. Fortunately it went well. My mom is currently in good spirits and a plan for her physical therapy and care is coming together. I just wanted to put a note here to explain since this is such a big thing going on here.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Several moms and babies I know came over today to play. Several toddlers in one room is an excellent study on non-verbal communication strategies, sense of ownership in communal settings, and discipline. I'm glad we had a chance to get together to visit while we managed the hoard.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Tomorrow we have people coming over to visit. I'm excited to have everyone come.

But guests also means that I woke up today more motivated to clean that I've been motivated in weeks. Fortunately the place isn't too bad, but you know I'm going to be busting out the mop and pledge.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Glad to Have Daddy Home

Yesterday evening, both the girls woke up from a late nap just as Tim was getting home from work. The girls were in a great mood, I was in a great mood, and Tim was glad to be home.

Tim popped off to the bathroom and Annie asked to turn on some music-- "Thanks to God" aka a cd of Praise and Worship songs. Annie danced around the living room as the music played.

She then said "Betta dance." So I brought Elizabeth down to floor level and was bouncing her to the music. The three of us were laughing and dancing.

Annie stopped and then asked, "Where Daddy go?" Annie stopped dancing. She got a concerned look on her face and refused to dance, asking "Where Daddy go?" She was bothered that Daddy was missing out on the family fun. When Dad returned from the bathroom, she asked to dance again and was delighted to have all four of us dancing together.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ten People That Make Me Happy

In no particular order, here are 10 people that make me happy--this is by no means an exhaustive list so No tomatoes please!

1. Annie--of course I have to list my kids first
2. Betta--yeah, both of them
3. The Husband--he really wouldn't like it if he didn't make the list
4. St. Paul--he's got an exciting life I tell ya
5. The Phelans--there are 5 of them, so they get the 5th spot
6. Joanna H.--I have such a girl crush on her
7. Nicole F.--she laughed at my story about being sick at Niagra Falls
8. Kevin Klien--all his movie roles just make me laugh
9. Dane Cook--have you seen his bit about the Eucharist as breakfast cereal?
10. All four members of Eddie From Ohio, and Julie's Dad.

The Family Bed

I've been getting both of the girls settled to sleep in bed with me while Husband has been away.

Tonight, around 4:30 am Annie was snuggled on one shoulder and Betta was snuggled in on the other. From a sound sleep, Annie giggled. From an equally sound sleep, Betta giggled in reply.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Toddler Song

Just listen and know my life.

Minus the rocket, we don't roll that way in this house.

Friday, June 01, 2007

XM Satellite Radio

The Husband recently purchased a new car. A Honda Civic SL I think, perhaps it's a different line, but it's definitely a honda civic. While I knew he was going to buy a car, I did not go with him to purchase it because we have two small children and negotiating the purchase of a car with two small children would not have gone well.

Once the husband came home with his new car, he proudly showed it off. A feature included is a GPS tracking system and an offer for free XM Satellite radio for three months. This is a pretty snazzy car for something that just needs to survive the daily commute.

I drove the car yesterday because the Husband took my Honda CRV to go on vacation. The Husband installed the girls' car seats in the back and showed me how the panel worked. The girls and I have been listening to satellite radio stations while we tool around on our various errands.

The satellite radio has a lot of stations that cater to specific audiences--sports channels, music by genre and decade, kids music, talk radio--leaning toward your political philosophy, history etc. It also lists the musician and song playing. I found the display of the musician and song title to be wonderful! I hear so many good songs on the radio, but can never remember who sang what. It has been especially useful listening to the kids stations. There are several kids musicians that I want to learn more about, like Dan Zanes and Laurie Berkner to name a couple.

The Husband has returned home from his trip and is eager to switch the cars back. I'm going to miss that satellite radio.