Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sisterly Love

Mary, new, cosleeps with Mommy&Daddy. The older girls also coslept with us when they were younger and like to return to the bed sometime during the night. I mention this to set the scene I saw this morning.

Elizabeth, 2, woke up in our bed, facing Baby Mary. Mary was already awake, and smiled a big toothless baby smile at Elizabeth as she opened her eyes.

Elizabeth smiled back, sat up and said, "Meme likes me." E then stroked Mary's face and said "There Meme. My Meme. Our baby." And laughed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day

I was driving with the kids. (Incidentally, you can fit three carseats in the back of a 2006 Honda CRV.) Annie, 3, starts talking about Mother's Day. She states her intention to make a card for me. Elizabeth, 2, chimes in "Me too!" to show her ethusiastic willingness to also make a card for Mommy. Annie, thinking that Elizabeth has volunteered to help Annie with her card, tells Elizabeth very firmly that no, she can't help. I clarify that Elizabeth wants to make her own card, and Annie is molified. Annie asks if she can make the card when we get home. I informed her that Mother's Day was several days away and she had plenty of time to make a card for Mommy. She then asked if I would help her make the card. I told her that Daddy would be happy to help her. She then asked why Daddy would help and not Mommy.

Mommy: Well, Honey, you're making a card for Mommy.
[Lightbulb going off in a three year old's head]
Annie: Oops.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three Children

Adding a new baby to the mix has been a little cra-zy. And at the same time, I heard a song on the Christian radio station that sang "Whatever my lot, it is well with my soul" and that explains adding a new baby tot he mix pretty well too.