Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sidebar Restored

I updated the format of the blog, using one of the templates provided by Blogger. I really like the design and color scheme of this template, but I was disappointed that this template did not include in it the sidebar headings with "Fun Links" or the like. Thanks to my brother-in-law Justin, he whipped out the HTML code so that I once again have more fun items in my sidebar than just the archive of previous posts. I still need to add a few links and headers, but the necessary code is there. Thanks!

I've added a few new headers with a few more links for you to clicky-click. Enjoy.

Monday, January 29, 2007

New Living Room

Remember this?

I wanted to do a before and after shot, but didn't have any decent before shots that really showed the damage well. Instead, I'll share with you that the repair guys came. Fixed the hole in our ceiling, repainted, and cleaned the carpet. Since our old couch was soaked from the pipe leak, we also picked out a new couch. We went to Mastercraft Interior, which was liquidating all it's assests since it was going out of business Here's what our living room looks like now...

We went with color recommendations from my sister-in-law, Jen. Before anything was done in this room, we had the cranberry colored window treatments. She suggested that good colors to set the cranberry curtains off would be a warm-toned green or yellow/gold color. We ended up choosing a green for the living room, a yellow/gold for the hallway, and a trim that complemented both colors. She also suggested bringing the gold color from the hallway into the living room by selecting a couch in the same color. We followed her suggestions and are very happy with the end result. She's in business as an interior designer. Leave a comment if you'd like to get in touch with her.