Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Mad Skillz

Humility can be defined as "being modest about one's accomplishments. " So why be humble and modest about our accomplishments?

If we were aware of just how good we are at something, then we know we really aren't that good. The last thing in the world we want to do is brag about how good we aren't at doing something. Humility is in fact self-preservation, to keep us from looking like jerks. A big part of humility and humbleness is being able to see ourselves accurately.

So with a humble heart, I will share with you just how good I am at at installing car seats for babies.

Something I actually said on AIM:
polskapolska: it wouldn't have been checked by a safety official, but i can usually install a latch car seat pretty well after a round of good cursing and finger smashing

Hot Friday Night

9:20 pm--Come home from the brother-in-law's house. Where I had dinner with his family.

9:21 pm--Unload the baby gear from the car.

9:26 pm--Unload the baby from the car.

9:27 pm--Put PJ's on.

9:30 pm--I nurse the baby to sleep. I fall asleep with her.

11:00 pm--I wake up to hearing the whistling sound of a fire cracker. Immediately followed by raucous laughter and voices. Annie startles awake too.

11:05 pm--The noise doesn't stop. I stumble downstairs to make a phone call to our local police department to report a noise violation. I also step out on my back deck to figure out where all the noise is coming from.

11:06 pm--It's a house party across from my backyard and the open area.

11:07 pm--I love the internet. Mapquest lets me make sure I have the street name correct and the phone number for the police department correct.

11:08 pm--I'm filing a noise complaint.

11:11 pm--After filing a noise complaint, I am still very much awake. Will read online to wind back down.

12:14 am--After reading the news online, catching up on emails and the like, I am still awake.

12:15 am--I hope the police showed up at that house party. Things seem pretty quiet. This lets me know that at least they ran out of firecrackers.

12:16 am--Baby notices she's alone and cries for Mommy. My cue to go.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Last week was my birthday. I turned twenty-five, which, my husband helpfully pointed out, is halfway to over the hill. While I can't dispute that, I expect another full twenty-five years to get there. Meanwhile, he turns thirty in just a few months. Thirty seems like a bigger milestone to me. Most 25 yr olds I know are lucky if they are simultaneously in grad school and don't still have their heads up our shorts. By 30 though, our lives should have some direction, and we should no longer be flexible enough to still have our heads up our shorts. Another good friend of mine also turned 25 this week. Her opinion is that being another year older only brings us one year closer to the time of our natural death. Death didn't figure into my concept of age, but then again, shorts didn't figure into her concept of age either.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Post on Blogger!

Well, I guess I should welcome myself to the blogging world! Or rather, rewelcome myself? I temporarily had a blog with Xanga. Only, I never blogged because I was very unsure about what would be appropriate to blog. Now, I'm still unsure about what's appropriate to blog, but I think it'll be fun. Bring on the bloggin' snafus!